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Now in its sixth year, this report is the is the leading source for data in the decommissioning market of the Gulf of Mexico.

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The 2015 report will help create business advantage and includes:
  • Market Forecasts: find out how many structures are expected to be decommissioned in the GOM in the next five years to build a robust business plan
  • Decommissioning activities and expenditures: find out the demand for decommissioning services from the top 20 operators to help you win crucial business
  • GOM Decommissioning Trends: gain key insights into factors such as market longevity, shallow vs. deep water decommissioning and the impact of oil prices to ensure you can seize the greatest opportunities
The report will help identify key clients moving forward and access a reliable and independent data driven picture of the size of the decommissioning market.

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